King’s Deluxe founder and CEO Anthony Carson spent countless hours attempting to perfect the car wash experience. Frustrated with the quality of the local car washes, Anthony knew that there was a better alternative.


After months of research and listening to complaints of stationary car wash customers, he set out start his own car wash company. Challenged with the concept of being different, he asked himself what people disliked so much about traditional car washes. It all boiled down to convenience.


Everybody wants a clean car, but with work, school, kids, etc; who has time to wait in line at a car wash?

King’s Deluxe revolutionizes the car wash experience. From your phone you can conveniently schedule a car wash to your home or office. Customers no longer have to deal with inconvenient, inconsistent, and sub-par service.


We come to you fully equipped with all the vital car wash necessities including water! King’s Deluxe essentially turns any parking space into a car wash, giving its customers more time to do the things that matter to them. Servicing the Springfield, IL area.

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